Kevin Grover

Kevin Grover is a horror writer who lives in Kent, England.
His debut novel Father's Song, is available to buy now on the amazon kindle store.


Father's Song is the first Novel by Kevin Grover. It is now available on the Amazon Kindle store.
His latest Novel, Monsters Mostly Come Out At Night, is due for release very soon.
Check back often for updates on future releases.

Father's Song

Father's Song

What if your child's favourite nursery rhyme is about the bubonic plague and death?

Ring a Ring 'o Roses…

Jessica's suffering has opened the door to Father who thrives on pain. He is remembered in seemingly innocent songs sung by children through the ages. Now Jessica must face Father as she comes to terms with the real monster of her past.

Dani Blake closed the door through suicide, but is there another way to silence Father's Song?

Monsters Mostly Come Out At Night

Father's Song

There is a place you played as a child where monsters couldn’t harm you. But when you leave and grow up, they follow you into adulthood.

Steven has been running his entire life, but now he must stop and face his childhood monster, returning to that place of endless summers known as the Wastelands. Everyone, including his new colleague Beth, is placed in danger as the phantom on the internet draws closer. If Steven fails to face his monster and uncover the truth of his past, he could lose the love of his life while the world is plunged into darkness.
Pulled into secrets spanning decades, will Steven be strong enough to save himself - and the world - from unthinkable evil?

About Kevin Grover

How long have you been writing?

I first started writing at a very young age, but realised I might have a talent for it at around the age of 13 when my english teacher read something I had written out to the class she was that impressed with it. Since then, I've been unable to stop myself from writing.

Who are your biggest influences?

I've always been a big Stephen King fan. You can learn a lot about plotting and characters from just reading one of his books. Just pick up the Shining or Salem's Lot and you'll see. For would be writers of any genre, his On Writing is a bible. For some raw horror, there's James Herbert. I remember seeing the cover for his books when I was very young and just being terrified of them even before I could read. Even the titles are in your face chilling: The Dark, The Rats.... His writing is graphic at times with a gritty edge. I've also been drawn to Philip Rickman with his subtle approach to horror and strong characters. The Merrily Watkins series are a highlight.

How do you write a novel?

Stephen King said by writing one word at a time. I'm not one for planning out in great detail. But I do believe you need to know the story before you start. It's important to know what your story is. I like to have a rough idea of how it will end and what exactly it's about. But things change as I write, but that's okay because it keeps me interested. I find I put plot above characters because the plot often invites the characters to come and play...

How long does it take to finish a novel?

For my last two novels it took 3 months for a first draft then another 3 months on the second draft. I'll normally only go back to it for a read over and final edit a few months later so it's a little fresher. Normally I end up hating what I've just finished but after a few months when I go back I realise it's not as bad as I thought.

What made you decide to self publish?

Frustration with the publishing world in that it doesn't seem to be changing with the times. Self publishing is an exciting thing right now and there's so many possibilities. I like having full control, like I'm running my own business.

What's your first novel about?

Father's Song is about a house that sits on a small tear in reality that allows a dark being called Father to enter our world. Father is an ancient being once worshipped as the horned god of pagan myth with the Goddess. There's always been a male and female aspect to this God, a Mother and Father, but the male part overwhelmed the female and grows strong through our darkest fears and pain. Over the years, he has influenced human thought and created nursery rhymes to awaken the dark parts of their minds. Ring a Ring 'o Roses he created during the time of the plague and many deaths. He thrives when humans are suffering and once a year it's Father's Day when his influence is strongest at the Summer Solstice. Jessica moves into the house with her mother, step father and little sister. Jessica is a recovering drug and alcohol abuser and it's her pain that awakens Father. She is pulled into a darker world where she learns that the girl who lived in the house before her only defeated Father through her own death. It is about her struggles with her own addictions and past pain.

When is it released?

It will be released summer 2015 through Amazon. If you like Stephen King and Phil Rickman, you'll hopefully like Father's Song.


  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    The cover shows the abuse and horror of what you can find within this book. The characters are beautifully crafted showing the authors twisted imagination.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Fast paced from the beginning, Father's Song is a twisting turning white knuckled rollercoaster ride. A wonderful debut novel, I was gripped from the beginning.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    This was a wonderfully crafted take on everyone's favorite nursery rhymes. I always knew that the songs I sang as a little kid sounded a bit strange...and Grover has taken that discomfort to a whole new level with Father's Song.